Divorced couple from Toronto, now best friends win $44 million lottery jackpot

Toronto-based former spouses, now best friends win $44 million jackpot Provided by Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

Former spouses, Elizabeth and Arlene Lumbo – who have remained good friends, even after their divorce – continued to play the lottery game together. Last July in 2021, they have won the amazing jackpot of $44,023,273.40 from Lotto Max.

As usual, Elizabeth went out to run some errands, and scan the lotto ticket, when she found out the big news.

“I heard the jingle play on the Ticket Checker, and when I looked at the screen, I told the clerk something was wrong with the machine,” she explained in a press release. “I handed him my ticket to scan, and he told me I won the jackpot! When I realized we won $44 million, tears started running down my cheeks.”

According to OLG’s statement the winning numbers were 2-13-15-19-38-39-46, which brought a money prize of $22,011,636 per player.

The former couple hopes to buy a property for the whole family where they can live in their own home, closer to each other, and also made some travel plans once the pandemic is over.

“It’s a beautiful thing to have raised children who have plans on how they want to build their lives. Now we can make that happen. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude. I am humbled by this blessing,” said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth told the press that despite winning the jackpot, she still plans to work at her job as a customer service representative, as she has just a few years before retiring, and will continue to play Lotto max even in the future.