Gambling awareness campaign launched in Ontario by the Responsible Gambling Council

Gambling awareness campaign by Responsible Gambling Council - Ontario

With the aim to teach individuals how to safely enjoy wagering, the Responsible Gambling Authority have set in motion last month its newest campaign named “Mindfulness Before Gambling”. It is focused on gamblers based in Ontario, having its purpose to teach them the importance of having a plan before one might commit to gambling.

Taking in consideration that Canada legalized single-game betting with the passage of Bill C-218 and iGaming market also is going through changes (trying to “license” online casinos) in Ontario, this campaign is being launched with a perfect timing.

The campaign is planned to run between December 2021 and mid-February 2022, targeting Ontario residents with the age between 35 – 55. Several ways are used to distribute its message e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, theScore app with videos and also audio ads over Spotify (also through its website

A study that involved 5,000 Canadian gamblers have shown that only approximately 50% of the players would stop gambling when they feel some sort of intoxication. It also showed that players between the age 18-24 are more to be expected endorsing in false gambling beliefs, like wagering in order to compensate losses, believing in some sort of playing pattern to increase chances of winning or awaiting for random outcomes to happen if they did not happen for some time.

The campaign uses three 15-second video spots that are combined with soothing visuals, music and a voiceover that educates in a humorous about the implications of gambling addiction, moreover it mentions the dangers of using of alcohol or drugs while gambling online.